Our Services

Augeo-RH supports businesses and their employees in preventing phychosociological risks and discrimination and in developing people and skills.

In our fast-changing environment, in which organisations and people are destabilized, governance and management styles are challenged, as well as the capacity to adapt. More and more, competence is synomym with capacity to adapt one’s know-how to situations that are constantly shifting.

Augeo-RH works with businesses’ day to day life: Improving working condition and developing performance go hand in hand with taking an interest in the work itself. Our activities are grounded in the work situations encountered by the managers and their employees, while delivering training programmes such as action learning, co-development, work simulations and coaching.
As there is sometimes a need to solve a crisis, Augeo-RH also offers individual support and mediation.

Our statement

Augeo-RH is born out of the conviction that taking interest in the work situations benefits well-being at work and the development of people, and therefore performance.
Drawing on research in the area of occupational psychodynamic, cognitivism and professional didactics, Augeo-RH has created very practical approaches to benefit businesses, their teams and employees.

Its network of senior consultants in Europe enables the roll-out of programmes in many countries outside of our borders.

Elisabeth de Visme, Augeo-RH founding Director

Elisabeth de Visme, founding Director, is a psychologist, a coach and a facilitator. She worked for more than 20 years in HR with leading companies in France and at European level.
She holds a master degree in Psychology and a master degree in HR Management. She was trained as an Executive Coach at Le Dojo and attended higher education at the chair of adult education at the CNAM.
She is a certified MBTI practitioner and PDI Profilor practitioner.
She is fluent in French and English.

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Our partners

logo-evizeo-conseilEvizeo Conseil has been operating for over 10 years in companies of all sizes, for quality, safety and wellbeing at work

Founding-Director, Elisabeth Vieyra, is also involved in relaxation therapy.

Augeo-RH works in partnership with Evizeo Conseil, in instance to offer training programmes for preventing stress and discrimination.


 Established in 1997, Kléïde (“the key”), support businesses and employees for the recruitment, the assessment and vocational consultancy. Kléide enables to “open doors” for a better personal and professional development in the context of change.


Early Intervention Ltd was founded in 2005 by Graham Hutchings, former HR Manager at Oracle UK with 35 years experience in the IT industry. Early Intervention Ltd has developed and rolled-out a training programme aimed at managers, to help them understand and address major present concerns: growth of European legislation, increased risk of employee litigation, complexities of employing and managing a diverse community, the need for managers to fully appreciate compliance and early and effectively address employee issues. The programme has been rolled-out with proven results within Oracle in EMEA and Sun Microsystems.


mementorMémentor Action offers formation and coaching for professional and managerial development.

Augeo-RH works in partnership with Mémentor Action for inter-compagny courses in Paris, Toulouse and Lyon…

Concept developpement

logo_preventionAugeo-RH et sa filiale Augeo-Formation sont habilités par le réseau ASSURANCE MALADIE RISQUES PROFESSIONNELS / INRS pour la formation “S’initier à la prévention des risques psychosociaux” dans le cadre du dispositif Initiation RPS – Former les salariés ou les dirigeants d’entreprise à la prévention.