Human Solutions for Sustainable Performance

Augeo-RH supports businesses in developing well-being at work, skills and people for stronger engagement and improved performance of the people, the teams and the organisation.

Stress at Work and Diversity

  • Quality of Working Life
  • Preventing Stress, Harrassment, Violence
  • Preventing Occupational Hazards
  • Diversity, Gender Equality
  • Diagnosis, Training, Mediation


  • Management Training
  • Professional Development
  • Co-development
  • Action Learning


  • Executive Coaching
  • MBTI Questionnaire
  • 360° Survey

HR Consulting

  • Audit, Performance Management, Talent Management…

  • Everything at work is not necessarily source of development, undoubtedly! But everything that promotes intelligence at work  generates development.–Pierre Pastré, 2011, in La didactique professionnelle