The MBTI questionnaire and process

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) process provides insight into an individual and enables him/her to understand his/her preferred operating modes and interrelationships, as well as their impact on others. It enables identification of one’s strengths and one’s sources of stress and conflicts.

The MBTI questionnaire is used to assist individuals exploring development needs or vocational guidance, or to assist a team looking forward to benefiting from complementarities within the team, reducing sources of conflicts or valuing diversity.

Augeo-RH delivers exploratory interviews with a certified practitioner.

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    The MBTI questionnaire complements the exploratory interview and enables identification of one’s psychological type: one’s preferred way of perceiving the world and interacting with others.

    Four basic preferences are identified:

    Where does one pull-out energy (Extraversion/Introversion)
    What type of information is first perceived (Sensation /Intuition)
    On what is based one’s decisions (Thought/Feeling)
    Preferred way of organising one’s life (Judgement/Perception)
    The MBTI is based on the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung research on preferred attitudes, in the 1920’s. It was developed in the 1940/60’s by two American psychologists. It is retested on regular basis and is one of the most popular tools in the world.

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