Stress induced by heavy work load, inappropriate organisation or behaviour… can lead to interpersonal conflicts that threaten team cohesion and performance. These issues can also threaten employees’ health or lead to a conflict which results in breach of an employee’s contract.

Individual Support

When heavy stressful situations have been detected, before or in parallel with the organisation’s diagnosis, support to affected individuals may need to be conducted.

This can include consulting an occupational psychologist or coaching.


logo_preventionAugeo-RH et sa filiale Augeo-Formation sont habilités par le réseau ASSURANCE MALADIE RISQUES PROFESSIONNELS / INRS pour la formation “S’initier à la prévention des risques psychosociaux” dans le cadre du dispositif Initiation RPS – Former les salariés ou les dirigeants d’entreprise à la prévention.


  • Carrying out mediation

    A mediation assignment facilitates the building of a solution accepted by the stakeholders of the conflict situation. The mediator’s role is to promote effective dialogue, the exchange of relevant information, speaking freely and confidentially. The mediator supports the parties until the negotiated solution is set, and provides a follow up when required.

    The assignment arrangements (meeting with both parties, individual interviews) are personnalized. Mediation can be implemented quickly and its cost is far below the cost of legal proceedings or of an endless conflict.

    Following the mediation assignment, complementary actions can be planned , such as coaching, an audit of the organisational factors, a training programme

  • Individual Support

    Augeo-HR builds with the business the most relevant solution: