Action Learning

Sometimes it’s worthwhile looking at solving an issue and learning at once.

Action Learning consists of working sessions aimed at defining the issue and solving it or building an action plan. These sessions are also aimed at skills development. The facilitator favours structured reflexion and brings in methods and models adapted to the needs. The process is iterative: events feed the Action Learning sessions and the outputs of the sessions feed practice.

  • Conducting Action Learning sessions

    The group’s composition is aligned to the issue and can vary as the project moves forward. The number and frequency of the sessions are defined according to the goal.

  • Skills developed

    The skills developed are mostly the capacity to formalise and analyse an issue, the capacity to look at it from various angles and with a systemic view, collaboration, the capacity to act and reflect upon the action…

  • Can Action Learning be part of the Training Plan?

    In some countries, such as France, training at work benefits from grants and tax incentives.

    To be eligible, the learning objectives must be set up front. Therefore, an Action Learning programme will match or not these constraints, depending on the possible refining of the learning objectives.

Formation Action

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